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With Open Access you can view your photos, videos, music and documents over wireless or 3g at any time! No need to sync your files and no worrying about losing your important documents Open Access gives the flexibility to view and open your files from anywhere.
With the Open Access app you can access all of the files on your account from your Android device. With the app you can:
• Open your office documents – view your documents, spreadsheets, PDF files and more, directly on your Android device. No need to print them out and take them with you – they’re already with you wherever you go. And if you have document viewing or editing applications installed, you can pull them straight from your account into those apps.
• View your photos – admire all of your photos on the Android device. You can view a slideshow, and import photos to and from your device’s photo album.
• Listen to your music – all of the music that you’ve got on your account is now instantly available on your Android device. The music streams directly from our servers – so no need to wait for it to download, or worry about syncing it to your device. You can browse your entire music collection by Artist, Album, Year or Genre, and build playlists to listen to on the go.
• Watch your videos – even the videos you’ve stored on your account are instantly available on your Android device. They stream directly from your account to your device, meaning that your entire movie collection is now accessible to you at any time!

Access your files on AndroidAccess your Backup from anywhere

Android access to ER Backup

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